Homework Support 

"My son has been able to slow down ad focus on hi schoolwork. His writing is improving too."

   - Middle School parent, Framingham, 2020

"Susan has been a great partner, keeping my son on track during the school year." 

   - Middle School parent, Canton Public Schools, 2018

"Thank you for your sense of humor and skills which encouraged my daughter to focus on her school work."

   - High School parent, Newton Public Schools, 2017


College Support 

"You are an amazing mentor and have had such a positive impact on my life."

   - Brandeis University Graduate, 2020

"I've found working with her very helpful."

   - UMass Amherst Senior, 2020

"I wish my daughter worked with Susan when she was in High School. I'm glad she works with her now. Her writing has so improved."

   - Parent Natick, 2019


Writing Support

"Your way of teaching writing really helped me. My writing is clear and well developed now. Wish I had worked with you years ago.

   - College student, 2019

"Working with Susan was a game-changer!"

   - Adult working at a non-profit, 2018


SAT and ACT Prep

"Your approach using mindfulness, really helped my son not be anxious while prepping for the SAT and ACT."

   - High School parent, Beaver Country Day School, 2018

"Sue has a great way of working with my daughter. She really helped her focus and do her best on these tests."

   - High School parent, Boston Latin School, 2016



"I'm writing my reports more efficiently and clearly after working with Susan."

- Social Worker, 2018


"After 3o years of writing reports as a social worker, Susan's guidance has really changed everything. I'm so grateful that my agency brought her into work with us."

- Social Worker, 2018

"Susan helped me develop some skills so I better organize my thoughts and I'm less nervous before I need to speak in public."

- Nonprofit Board Member, 2016


Educational Advocacy 

"I don't think I would have actually applied to college without your encouragement and help."

   - Newton South graduate, 2020


"Susan's “mindfulness tutoring” approach has proven to be extremely effective for my friend's child and my own child."

   - High School parent, 2019

"I want to thank you so much. We really are grateful to you for all your help."

   - High School parent, 2019

"I don't know how my family would have made it through this time without Susan's compassion and focus."

   - High School parent, Milton Public Schools, 2017