Tutoring Services

Homework Support

Need help getting and staying organized? I will assist you with your organizational challenges. As well, I will partner with you to complete humanities-related assignments successfully and to improve your writing.

"Susan has been a great partner, keeping my son on track during the school year." 

- Middle School parent, Canton Public Schools (2018)

"Thank you for your sense of humor and skills which encouraged my daughter to focus on her school work."

- High School parent, Newton Public Schools (2017)

SAT and ACT Preparation

Learn and practice proven test-taking strategies. Individuals will use interactive software that will help identify your strengths and target your weaknesses. If testing raises your anxiety, we will focus on a variety of strategies to help you manage these emotions.

"Your approach using mindfulness, really helped my son not be anxious while prepping for the SAT and ACT."

- High School parent, Beaver Country Day School (2018)

"Sue has a great way of working with my daughter. She really helped her focus and do her best on these tests."

- High School parent, Boston Latin School (2016)

Writing Support

I will introduce you to my proprietary writing method so that you will articulate a strong writing voice, successfully develop your ideas and communicate more clearly. If you need a grammar and mechanics tune-up, I will help you address this, too.

"Your way of teaching writing really helped me. My writing is clear and well developed now. Wish I had worked with you years ago.

- College student (2019)

"Working with Susan was a game-changer!"

- Adult working at a non-profit (2018)

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